Sniper Mission: Free The Hostage - A Challenging 2D Shooter Retro Game Sniper Mission
Sniper Mission

Sniper Mission

Sniper Mission: Free The Hostage - The Ultimate 2D Shooter Retro Game

Are you a fan of shooter games? Do you love the thrill of sniping your enemies from a distance? Then Sniper Mission: Free The Hostage is the game for you! This 2D shooter retro game is all about sniping and freeing the hostages. With each mission having a different degree of difficulty and time limits, it is a game that will keep you on the edge of your seat.


In Sniper Mission: Free The Hostage, you are a sniper on a mission to free the hostages. Each mission has different objectives and requirements. The game requires you to be quick on your feet and sharp in your aim. Before shooting, you need to observe the wind direction and wind strength. These factors will affect the accuracy of your bullets. So, be sure to adjust your aim accordingly.

The game has an array of weapons to choose from. You can select from pistols, rifles, and sniper rifles. Each weapon has different specifications and can be upgraded using the in-game currency. As you progress through the game, the difficulty level increases. You will encounter more obstacles and challenges, making it even more exciting.

Graphics and Sound

Sniper Mission: Free The Hostage has a retro feel to it. The pixelated graphics give it a nostalgic touch, reminiscent of the shooter games of the 90s. The game has a simple user interface, making it easy to navigate. The sound effects are realistic, adding to the overall experience of the game.

Challenges and Rewards

The game has a total of 20 missions with varying degrees of difficulty. Each mission has a time limit, and if you fail to complete it within the given time, you lose the game. There are also challenges within each mission, such as shooting a specific target or using a particular weapon. The game rewards you with in-game currency upon completing missions and challenges. You can use this currency to upgrade your weapons and improve your overall gameplay.


Sniper Mission: Free The Hostage is an exciting and challenging game that will keep you entertained for hours. Its retro feel and simple user interface make it an excellent choice for anyone who loves shooter games. With its array of weapons, varying difficulty levels, and realistic sound effects, it is a game that will keep you coming back for more. So, what are you waiting for? Grab your sniper rifle and start your mission to free the hostages!